Stuck in survival mode with no light at the end of the tunnel?

Unhappy with your love life?

Tired of just getting by, always being broke or in debt?

Out of shape, low energy, hate how you look or feel?

Sick and tired of your job, business or profession?

Longing to find the creativity within?

Moving into a new chapter of your life and not sure what’s next?



Work with me. I’ll inspire you, keep you on track and share practical tools and strategies for  creating:

A life fueled by passion and purpose.

Love and happy, harmonious relationships.

Financial abundance and prosperity.

Health, well-being and a body you are proud to call your own.

Work that you love.

A spark to ignite and keep your creative flame burning.

A vision for your next chapter that is everything you want it to be.

“I am a Psychotherapist and a Professional Life Coach who actually does live in Paradise!

I work with individuals, groups and organizations around the world who want to succeed, feel good and produce extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives.  I truly believe that people create their own realities so I know that you can create your version of paradise, where ever you are.” 

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