Welcome to My Paradise!

I’ve always known that mine included sea, sand, surf and bare feet. I’m writing this from my deck overlooking the Caribbean, mango smoothie in hand, wearing a sarong. The turquoise ocean beckons and wild green parrots chatter in the 75-degree February breeze. I spend my days coaching, writing, giving workshops and being a catalyst for people who are ready to shift gears and to make changes in their personal and professional lives.

Originally a city kid from NYC, I’ve lived in London, England, Montreal and northern California. All along I wanted a great life that somehow eluded me. I came to understand that early childhood trauma was at the root of periods of depression and that my grass is always greener mentality was a way of shifting my attention outward and thinking my great life was around the next corner, and the next.

My life looked good. I was a successful professional: social worker, therapist and case manager, married (and then divorced), with a beautiful daughter, a lovely home, many interests and good friends. I went through what many people go through: a divorce, the struggles of being a single parent and caring for and losing elderly parents. I kept thinking someone or something would rescue me and then I would be happy.

I was living in northern California – working with injured workers helping them recover and return to jobs they often didn’t like. They became a metaphor for my own situation. My heart wasn’t in what I was doing. I longed to do something that fit with what matters most to me – helping people be their best, most powerful, productive selves, making art and music and having adventures that stretch me and remind me of what a vast and magical world we live in.

A college friend told me about an Executive Coach who had helped her balance a high-powered professional career, family, and a deep spiritual nature. My interest was piqued. I knew “I could do that”, and wouldn’t you know it, a flyer arrived from the Academy for Coaching Excellence. I signed up for a workshop and hit the ground running… all the way to becoming an Accredited Life Coach.

Coaching helped me realize that I didn’t want to settle for less than or a watered-down version (it was my life after all) and that I could deliberately create a vision for the life that I wanted to be living. This has included becoming a masterful coach and a successful businesswoman– in Paradise!

I finally got that my happiness was up to me. I have acquired many tools that help me cut lose the stuff that drags me down. I got back in touch with what makes me tick. I figured out what ingredients are necessary for me to create a life full of passion and joy and realized that I have most of them on my inner shelves. I set out to gather the rest and have landed in a wonderful place in a wonderful life, which is my Paradise inside and out. What is your paradise? How does it look, feel, taste, smell? Empowering you to create your version of paradise is my passion.


[notification type=”success”] Anne is a highly trained professional with 30 years of experience in working with people as a social worker, psychotherapist, medical case manager and Life Coach. She is a graduate of McGill University, received her MSW from Yeshiva University and her Coach Training and certification from the Academy of Coaching Excellence and her Law of Attraction certification from Leading Edge Coaching and Consulting. She is an exhibited painter, a musician, author and all around creative woman. Her adventurous spirit, intelligence, and quirky sense of humor inspire others to reach for the gold and make their desires a reality. She has an unfailing ability to see and animate the best in everyone and her compassion and warmth help people to be themselves in the best sense of the word. [/notification]


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